Rosé Wine-Sorbet (Without An Ice Cream Maker)

Rosé wine-Sorbet (Without an ice cream Maker)

Welcome to the STUDENT MEALZ! How rosé Wine sorbet? Good today, They say exactly the ;p


– Rosé Wine
– Sugar
– Cook in hot Water

With a 1:2 Ratio Wine, Syrup (Sugar + Water)

== ORDER ==

1) Mix the same volume of Water and Sugar with each other.simple Syrup
2) Take a container in which They are going to be makig sorbet
3) Mix 1 Part Wine with 2 parts simple Syrup
4) Place it in the Freezer for about 3 – 4 Hours or Overnight
5), Stirring from time to time You sorbet while in the Freezer





== MUSIC ==

Music by Kevin MacLeod (,
with the Title “the Dream of Culture”, “comfortable” and “Super nice”

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0″

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