Rose Gold Confetti Balloons Set 12 inch Helium Champagne Rose Gold Latex Balloons for Birthday, Weddings, Baby Shower Party Decorations 30pcs

Rose Gold Confetti Balloons Set 12 inch Helium Champagne Rose Gold Latex Balloons for Birthday, Weddings, Baby Shower Party Decorations 30pcs

Product Description

KUMEED 12 inch Rose Gold Confetti Balloons Set
Inflatable: Helium or air.(Please take away some confetti to keep long time float)
Material : High quality latex; Non-toxicity and harmlessness
Size: 12 Inches Large Size after inflated ;
Rose gold and Champagne gold Latex Balloons Weight: 3.2g /pcs
Rose gold confetti weight: 5g/pcs
Confetti: foil confetti, more bright flash, and not easy to wrinkle

For confetti balloons, after inflated, please rub gently with carpet, silk, hair(best way) and roll the balloons. Static electricity is a good friend to help you made the confetti stick to sides of the balloon.

KUMEED Rose Gold Balloons are perfect to add a fresh, festive accent to a wedding, anniversary celebrations, dances, birthday parties, Halloween, baby shower, Christmas and so on.
Add warm, cheerful color to mermaid theme party, bridal shower, Easter dinner, gender neutral baby shower, garden party, girls birthday party, wedding or all party. Different color balloons give you a Colorful World.

Please Note:
1. The balloons is weighing to count, the quantity have a tolerance. (Within 2pcs)
2. The balloons is weighing to pack, there are some be damaged or with holes. (Within 2pcs)
3. The balloons (Over 10inch) can be filled with Helium for 4-8hours, if it only floating with few time, please check if this balloons be damaged or you have tighten it (Suggest to tie the Balloons by itself to replace ribbon or rope etc). And your Helium quality.
4.There are some talcum powder to avoid the balloons sticking together. NOT DIRT.

Package include:
10x Rose gold latex balloons
10x Champagne gold Latex Balloons
10x Rose gold Confetti Balloons
2x Golden Balloons string

Price: $11.99

  • MATERIAL- High quality latex, Non-toxicity and harmlessness, balloons are strong and long lasting, and you won’t have to worry about them tearing or bursting when inflated.
  • BEAUTIFUL COLOR- 10pcs rose gold confetti balloons(filled with foil confetti) with 10pcs rose gold latex balloons and 10pcs champagne gold balloons, 2 roll Golden Balloons string, all colors will not let you down and have a happy party.
  • FIT FOR ALL OCCASION- The balloons suit for every scene such as Birthday Party Decorations, baby shower, festival, party decoration, birthday, wedding, graduations etc. They are ideal for adding an extra dose of fun to any entertaining event.
  • SUPPORT HELIUM AND AIR- This rose gold balloons is 3.2g/pcs and the Confetti balloons is 5g/pcs. You can fill them with air or helium. But please take away some confetti to keep long time float.Inflating with a Pump and air is Strongly Recommended!
  • WARRANTY- Any quality issue, you can click “seller contact” button in your Amazon account to email us to get money back or new one, only buy it from KUMEED store.

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