Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce 28 ounces (2 bottles)

Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce 28 ounces (2 bottles)

Product Description
Montgomery Inn secret-recipe barbecue sauce, for which we blend tomatoes, garlic, onions, molasses and special spices for our thick and tangy sauce. Keep it on hand to add to your own chicken, beef and pork.

They come from around the world – sports giants like Johnny Bench and Arnold Palmer, a quartet of US Presidents that includes Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Clinton – to the #1 Rib Restaurant in America, the Montgomery Inn Boathouse, Located on the northern shore of the Ohio River in Cincinnati.

Ted “The Rib’s King” Gregory’s Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce is a legend in its own right. The recipe is a closely guarded secret known only by Ted’s wife Matula, and her daughters. It’s an honest sauce made with honest-to-goodness ingredients. Look closely and you’ll see a difference you and taste. The #1 ingredient in our sauce is tomatoes – not corn syrup or water like may others.

Price: $9.99

  • From the #1 Ribs Restaurant in America
  • #1 Ingredient — Tomatoes

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