Culina Grilling/ BBQ Tool Set. 8-pc. Stainless Steel. Soft Touch Handle

Culina Grilling/ BBQ Tool Set. 8-pc. Stainless Steel. Soft Touch Handle

Product Description

Are you an avid grilling enthusiast looking for a reliable, heavy-duty barbecue tool set? Or is BBQ a newfound interest taken to expand your Culina®ry horizons?
Culina® 8-piece Soft Touch BBQ & Grilling Tools is the solution to handle meat, seafood, vegetables and more! Let the mouthwatering party begin!

Fine BBQ tools, efficient grilling

This Set Includes:
1 slotted spatula: large shovel area (3.5″ x 5″), straight, tapered front edge for easy cut, scoop and flip
1 fork: two-prong, sharp, pointed tips for easy, efficient food picking and turning over
1 pair tongs: serrated fingers, strong, reliable clench mechanism to grab confidently. Rubber lining for stay-cool grip
4 skewers: 13″ long, pointed tip for flawless piercing through meat and vegetables
1 grill brush: heavy-duty metal bristles to clean the grill, get rid of grease, charcoal and burn residue instantly.

Rugged Stainless Steel, Soft Touch

The robust Stainless Steel construction make our tools heat & flame resistant; geared towards heavy-duty use, they do not bend, dent, warp, or come apart easily even under intense pressure.
The Soft Touch rubber handles feature stay-cool, thermo-rubber protection for a secure, comfortable grip. Each tool is designed with long 12″+ handles for optimal control over sizzling fire.
A convenient hanging loop is added for convenient, space-efficient storage on a hook on the side of the grill.
Hand wash is recommended but our set is dishwasher safe. Use the grill brush to clean off grease or charcoal burn. Storage in a safe area (drawer or grill side) protects the tools from dust, rust, scratches.
The gift-ready package is perfect for a wedding present or any occasion!

Price: $16.99

  • 8 BBQ tools: 1 slotted spatula, 1 fork (2-prong), 1 pair tongs (serrated fingers), 4 skewers 13″, 1 Grill Cleaning Brush (metal bristles)
  • Dishwasher safe. Hand wash recommended. Use grill brush to clean off grease/charcoal burn. Store away, protect tools from dust, rust, scratches
  • Stainless Steel heat & flame-resistant suited to daily, utilitarian home or professional use. Food-safe: NO adverse reaction, NO metal aftertaste
  • 100% Culina® Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Soft Touch handles feature stay-cool, thermo-rubber protection for secure, comfortable grip. Hanging loop for space-efficient storage on hook

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