Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial, 500ml

Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial, 500ml

product Description
Elderflower Cordial 500ml. Belvoir original, warm, made from Elder flowers freshly picked, and Lemon juice, this timeless Mix has a Wide Range of Applications, including white Wine, Mineral water, gin and tonic, fruit Salad, sorbet or a hot toddy. Hand-made Drinks in the middle of the Countryside, Belvoir Fruit Farms is deeply rooted in the English Countryside, in the idyllic valley of Belvoir. We make Syrup here for nearly 30 Years, press the Fruit and Infusion of the Flowers mingle with the famous Belvoir spring water. Known for our Elder flowers-Drinks, we are always on the Elderberry Recipe developed by the co-Founder of Mary’s Ways every Year. Originally, all the flowers of Elderberry have been handpicked and Bushes grow for Lord and Lady John Manners Garden. The whole Family helped, that the first batch of cordial Elderberry, cut the Lemons and mix into the Syrup. Lord John then plunged 88 Cases of Drinks to the Back of his Car and drove it Round the local Farm shops, and encourage Owners to buy a Bottle here and there. Today, the Demand is so strong that Belvoir demand in the local Community to help with the Harvest, picking Flowers from our own Orchards and Hedges in the Landscape. To achieve the unique Flavor of Belvoirs Elderflower-Products, Their Importance for the use of nothing but fresh Flowers. Peverel Manners, Lord John, said: The Secret to a really good elderflower cordial, the Use of Masses of Flowers have been picked in the Sun, if You’re hot and heavy with yellow pollen, then You get to the Vat in a period of three Hours. This gives the Beverage delicate floral Taste. Over the Years, the Company has expanded its Offer of Drinks for a wide Range of Flavors and Brand of products in more than 40 Products, many of which are already rewarded several times. Belvoir Fruit Farms is still owned and operated by the Mores of the Family.

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  • the Best Quality & premium Taste
  • Fine gourmet Food to a special person
  • Ideal corporate & Holiday Gift
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